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Preventing Mold - Summer

One of the many things we specialize in is, Mold Remediation. We come across many homes, offices, and condos that become over ruled from microbial growth. During the summer, especially on or near the beach it can be very humid. Unfortunately, these humid months can cause unwanted mold growth. We have compiled a list of ways you can help prevent mold growth in your home, office, etc.



The one thing we know mold needs to grow, is moisture. Once it has that moisture to grow it can start growing on many surfaces throughout your home. Cleaning things up like; oils. dirt, soap scum, and any food splatters on the walls can eliminate places for mold to grow in your home. Cleaning regularly will be one of the many ways to help prevent mold growth.


During the summer months when the humidity is exceptionally high it is harder to keep mold growth under control. Wherever the moisture is coming from, outside air, showering, water getting inside etc. it is important to try to reduce as much as possible. When it comes to living in a condo on the beach this may be hard, wiping away moisture, making sure fans work as they should, and possibly purchasing a dehumidifier can help.


The ideal temperature for mold growth is between 77 and 86 degree Fahrenheit. Because of the outside temperature during the summer your home can become warmer Inside. Setting your thermostat to the low 70s will make it more difficult for mold to grow.


Keeping air circulating in your home will reduce microbial growth. If you are not home, keep your fans on, vents open, and make sure you do not turn off your A/C.


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