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Tips to Help Prep for 2023 Hurricane Season

Just like the last few years we are here to help keep everyone up to date on their hurricane prep! Since our season has begun its time to be prepared because as we know here on the Gulf Coast anything can happen and it can happen quickly and without warning

Hurricane Watch – Get prepared and have a set plan!

  1. Prepare your home by securing anything outside like outdoor furniture, grills, toys, umbrellas and trash cans etc,

  2. Pack/check your hurricane emergency kit, which should contain things like flashlights, bottled water, first-aid kit, radio, batteries and non-perishable food. See full list HERE

  3. Fill your cars with gas.

  4. Have your evacuation plan ready so theres no last minute decisions to be made.

  5. Keep prescriptions filled and ready to pack.

  6. Place important items and documents in waterproof cases or bags and somewhere you can get to quickly.

  7. Stay tuned to local news and storm projections.

Hurricane Warning – Finish your preparation and plan to leave if directed by local officials.

  1. Go over your evacuation plan and make sure it is still a safe route

  2. Book your hotel/airbnb is needed.

  3. Plan and prepare for traveling with your pets and children.

  4. Take with you any documents or personal items that you want to keep safe.

  5. Make sure to bring your Identification for reentry

  6. Grab your hurricane kit!

If you plan to ride out the storm:

  1. Turn up your refrigerator settings and keep your doors closed to keep food from spoiling if you should lose power.

  2. Have flashlights handy in all rooms.

  3. Charge phones and use them sparingly.

  4. Fill the bathtub with water in case you lose access to water.

  5. Have candles and lighters.

  6. Pack coolers with ice bags.

  7. Get sand bags from local hardware store or local pick up location to keep water out.

  8. Have plenty of non perishables and bottled water

Make sure to use our "LETS GET HURRICANE READY'' preparation list when packing!

And don't forget to Call on the PROS for any water damages that might occur during any storm!

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